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Behinds the Lens


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     I’ve always had a passion for art. Growing up I would doodle, make short flipbook animations, and express my thoughts through single drawings. As time passed, I discovered there were many other forms of art so I began to paint and sculpt. However, it wasn’t until I attended Lamar University to receive my degree in graphic design, I got exposed to the real world of art.

     While attending college, I took many art courses, one which including photography. Honestly, it wasn’t until my professor Keith Carter, a long-time professional photographer, took us under his wings and exposed us to the phenomenal ways of photography that I fell in love with this form of expressive art. I knew at that moment this was a new passion that I had to pursue. Being behind the lens really initiated another level of creativity for me that I never knew existed, so immediately, I went out and purchased myself a digital Canon camera and hit the pavement running.

     I began doing self-portraits and small projects like statue images and nature shoots. As I shared my work with family and friends through social media, it piqued others’ interest and started to bring in clients. Over time I invested in better equipment to help improve my craft. I eventually made it official and started my own photography business “J S King Digital”.

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